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released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



The Chrome Bouquet Quincy, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Bricklayer
I spend my days as mason
Laying bricks in a line
Cementing my time while I’m chasing
The dreams that I have in my mind

Everybody’s got a job to do by day:
This is mine

I spend my nights as a player
Posted up in the paint
I’m 9 to 5 but I’m chasing
A life down low, 4 or 5

Nobody can block a dunk from this bricklayer
I can’t be restrained

If I’m downtown, I know it’s easier to drive
The traffic’s hectic, but the lane’s not hard to find
Here I go

I spend my nights as a player
But I spend my days as a mason
Track Name: Time Behind the Wheel
I keep a picture of my car
In my wallet to remind me of when I can unwind
Because a working man needs an escape
From the time he is alive
Between the hours of 9 to 5
The recipe is beer and gasoline

If it won’t start, then it won’t end
All the problems that I have
I jump the battery again
I turn the key
The engine roars
Now I’m soaring down the pike
Carefree and full of life
It’s what I need
Some time behind the wheel

Under the hood
I find what I need
It takes time
I keep searching for an answer to it

Why do I work all day
On these issues so unimportant to me?
It’s unbelievable, it’s inconceivable
That a man must spend a life that’s better than his pay
Track Name: Wife
If you see my wife, tell her I love her
I love her, I love her
Her way of life, her way of life
If you see my wife, tell her her lover
Her lover he loves her
Her ways at night, her ways at night

If I need advice, I run for cover
I run for cover
To justify my own desires
If I need a vice, I run for the covers
I run for the covers
A way of life, a way of life

Last night I dreamt I stayed up all night
I woke up more tired than I felt before

Last night I dreamt
Where all the fucking cowboys went
Track Name: Ready To Go
Ready to go, so start the engine
I’m overdue for a new direction
Fair to say I gave it a go
Even if I’ve got nothing to show

I would give in just to get attention
There are some things I’m glad I mentioned
Shadowed by the people you know
Even if they’ve got nothing to show

Blame it on the rain
Or the bossa nova
Or the ‘trone got you in the zone

Ready to go, ‘cause I’m resenting
All that you do is all about the ending
Followed by some people you know
Even if they never pick up the phone

Blame it on the game
Or the cost of the fun
Or how alone you get when you’re home
You can change your name
When you’ve lost what was one
Don’t forget what you’ve become

For every bridge there is a jumper that will step back off of the ledge
To contemplate their own fate
And they walk home feeling neglected by the lack of people who care
About the act they once played
Track Name: IOU
I spy with my little I/O
You tear it down and where it will go
It doesn’t matter
Any moron dude will tell you your mind’s undone

All it took to pull the book from off the shelf
Pass it on to have it read by someone else
Who can summarize what the plot it all about
It’s such a crime that you can’t ever stop yourself

Scatter the ashes, ice crematorium
You scream you’re lonely, you miss the bus that never comes
Push dirt around, dig a path to find yourself buried alive
with all the time, without the help

I know that it’s meant to happen with a spark
I didn’t think about it until it fell apart
Well, now I think about it because it fell apart

I spy with my little I/O
You tear it down
Track Name: All About Vision
Based on what you say
It’s pretty clear to me
That you’ll need some specs
So let’s check your Rx

What works will depend
on the contour of the lens
So tell me is it 1? Is it 2?
What’s the best option for you?

You’ll need them at night
when you read and when you drive
So find yourself a pair
that you’ll wear
Go ahead
Make a statement

Wire frames aren’t that bad
You could get horn-rimmed like your dad
This will be a chance
to branch out
Find yourself
It’s a new you

I can see
your vision’s clouded
I suspect that
it’s been years since
you checked your eyes so
I’ve got questions
can you see
all I have shown you?
try to read me
letters from far away
I know it’s not that easy

I’ve found that it’s best
to keep up to date
to mitigate
long term effects
Track Name: H2O
The pressure was weak, the temperature was cold
I called the landlord to send the plumber over
I’m not sure what they did, now that H2O’s too hot
You could boil pasta in the bathwater we got
Track Name: Talk Yourself Down
The only way that you can function
dwell and dwell
Never enough
Only perceiving bad intentions
Maybe I don’t care to sing along

And you won’t hear it all
Come from our old friends

Pick yourself up from where you’ve fallen
Black and blue but who’s at fault?
I won’t excuse my coarse approach to
Leaning in but not for long

And I won’t apologize
For anything I tried
Cause those you left behind won’t forget you
And I know you’ll roll your eyes
At every time I’ve felt
So call me a danger
What a hopeless plight

Proudly up in arms
All the time
It’s alright

Talk yourself down
From the building up
The building up, it’s up to you
To see yourself through the eyes
Of people who don’t care
To look into a mirror

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